Thai Yoga Massage
3:30 PM15:30

Thai Yoga Massage

Join us for a relaxing and rejuvenating Thai Yoga Massage event (ladies only). This workshop class will be an hour and a half and will really take your practice to the next level. Led by the amazing Patricia K Holder from our popular Rise and Practice series!

Participation: $25
Spots are limited (10). We want to ensure those in attendance benefit from a smaller group. RSVP by March 25th by emailing:

About Thai Yoga Massage: A graceful choreography, the practitioner and the person who receives the massage, perform a series of postures using fluid, smooth movements. You can relax and let go as you are taken through passive stretches and rhythmic massage techniques, given with intention and in the spirit of loving kindness. Thai Yoga Massage is wonderful for all body types & sizes, those who have never done yoga, athletes, yogis as well as those who may consider themselves not-so-flexible. Thai sessions are done on mats on the floor and you should wear comfortable loose-fitting
clothes. Thai Yoga Massage brings balance and harmony to the entire body.

Healing Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage:
• Stress Relief
• Rejuvenation
• Increased Flexibility
• Better Breathing
• Meditation
• Pranic Healing
• Non-Intrusive
• Body/Mind Awareness
• Pain Relief

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