The core of all martial arts is self preservation. And throughout the years survival has taken on many forms. When the goal was surviving spear and sword at war or duel, the powers of the ancient world developed styles of fighting to facilitate this goal. In this day and age, it is unlikely your home will be robbed by a sai bearing thief, and women walking down the street do not fear the attack of nun-chucks or ninja stars.  Wouldn't it make more sense to study a self defence method against an attack, in the form in which it would occur in this day and age? At House of Combat we train a system that teaches proven, reality based techniques to defend against a modern close quarter attack. This system is Counter Terror Krav Maga. The weapons feared today are blades, blunt force objects, and firearms, and Counter Terror Krav Maga has a concrete answer to all of these. It is a realistic art, more of a science actually. It teaches principles and trains body and mind that you will get stabbed, but you can still survive (if you control where and how deep, and how many times), it teaches to expect multiple attackers, if an attack is pre-meditated the attacker will have backup; one attacker expect a friend, a knife - expect a second. Most of all it teaches that you can get home safe. But you can only respond how you train.  This is what we teach. No fancy moves, no katas, no artistic spinning aerial kicks. Just how to get home safe.


BJJ: Arming You with Tools From any Position

While Krav Maga is proven to be the most effective means of self defence worldwide, it can be further enhanced, by making its practitioners into well-rounded fighters. In fact, many high level instructors of Krav Maga have extensive experience in other styles of martial arts/ military training.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is all about a ground game, and its practitioners have a unique comfort in defending themselves from a host of uncomfortable and seemingly hopeless positions. Krav Maga has a number of very effective moves from the ground, but there is a heightened level of mastery that stems from training Jiu Jitsu multiple hours every week. Imagine becoming someone who is completely comfortable being pushed, thrown, swept, tossed, or shoved to the floor. Jiu Jitsu gives a level of fluidity and security unlike any other traditional style of martial arts as proven by the original Ultimate Fighting Championships, where Royce Gracie and other students of BJJ dominated the competition. Jiu Jitsu complements Krav Maga. And on its own is a beautiful fluid style that many enjoy studying. House of Combat is proud to be part of the Team Ascension Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition team representing at local tournaments.


Youth Martial Arts: our specialty

We provide authentic instruction based in a variety of styles to create a program that is specific towards the concerns that face children and young adults, including: recognizing and avoiding contact with strangers & bullying prevention. We recognize that the ability of a small child to defend themselves is limited if they are only taught conventional defencive techniques, we therefore practice regularly the only viable means of self defence available to them - dropping to the floor, kicking to vulnerable areas, and using effective wording to alert others for help. Our program is also geared towards providing a foundation of martial arts movement and techniques that can be developed as they grow older into a vast arsenal. Each class is staffed by multiple instructors providing an ideal individualized instruction and attention for each student. 




"I'm very happy that I started coming to classes at House of combat. I've been coming now for about 3 months, and have seen some significant improvements not only to my physical health and conditioning, but also to my mental toughness." - Josh M.
"Thanks again for an energetic class (my favourite part was the boxing!!!)... it felt empowering to even just start to learn (even though it's probably going to take me a long time to learn the moves)!" - S.Z., Women's Self Defence